The website, chenhui.org, is built to make your experience of TESL/TEFL in China better and your tour in Chengdu as enjoyable as possible.
learn Chinese in ChengduIn here you will probably find something useful for you. If you propose coming to China to teach English in Chengdu, please see English teaching vacancies. If you feel like learning vivid mandarin or Cantonese interatively, please feel free to contact us.
tour in ChengduWell, if you are considering travelling abroad, we would strongly recommend mysterious China to you, which is one of the most ancient countries of the world, containing a 5000-year history. If you plan to travel to Chengdu, want to find a homestay in Chengdu, or hope to get some other concerned information, we might be very helpful.
Volunteer recruitment: We are setting up a helpful English study forum for Chinese students, troubleshooting the English problems put up by students. So please join us if you are willing to help, and your help would be much appreciated. Also interested in teaching English in Shanghai?

Chengdu Chenhui Tutor Agency was founded in September, 2000. Ever since then we have been devoted to providing fairly effective tutorships to students of/around the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, China.

tesl in ChengduWith the agency's rapid development in Chengdu, we also now provide not only foreign tutors (native English speakers) to Chinese students, but also certified Chinese teachers to mandarin and/or Cantonese learners from all over the world. What's more, we also introduce esl teachers (generally from America, Canada, England and Australia) to work as either full-time or part-time employees in Chengdu.
Simultaneously, we keep working hand in glove with many tour agencies, youth hostels and interpreting agencies that are located in Chengdu. More and more foreign visitors are paying a vist to Chengdu, enjoying our thoughtful services. We are sincerely looking forward to providing you our best services and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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